Father’s Day: Mix & Match A Meaningful Celebration For Dad

What words pop into your mind first when you think of your dad?

Father’s Day – a cherished occasion to honour our Dads for who they are and how they’ve shaped our lives.

To many of us, Dads are our steadfast providers, our sturdy rock when life hits hard, and occasionally, our partner in crime. Though we probably knew our Dads as the sterner parent when we were younger, we can’t deny that Dad’s dry humour somehow always lightens the burdens of our hearts, even as we grow into adults.

While not everybody may share a picture-perfect relationship with their father, this Father’s Day is a good opportunity to take the first step forward and bridge the gap.

This guide will equip you with ideas to craft a meaningful celebration that reflects Dad’s unique personality and interests. Don’t feel pressured to follow a rigid script! From culinary delights to curated experiences we’ve picked out, mix and match elements that resonate most with Dad to create a personalised Father’s Day celebration he’ll love.

What’s on your Father’s Day Menu?

There are only three meals in a day, but in a melting pot of cultures like ours in Singapore, asking “what’s for lunch?” is like opening a door into an exciting new world of culinary adventures. From breakfast to dinner, here are a few recommendations we have from Singapore’s diverse cultures.

For Dads who love a good steak, al dente pasta and a fizzy beer. 

  • Lion Brewery Co: Nestled in 36 Club Street in the heart of Singapore, Lion Brewery Co has a wide selection of locally brewed craft beers, accompanied by classic Western favourites, including fish and chips, sticky pork ribs and wood-fired pizzas. 
  • L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele: This widely acclaimed pizzeria from Naples, Italy, serves up light and crispy-crusted pizzas in 17 different flavours, with premium ingredients sourced directly from Italy. 
  • Tipo Pasta Bar: With a Google rating of 4.5 stars from over 4000 reviewers, Tipo Past Bar offers freshly made artisanal pasta and halal options. You can even build your own pasta to suit your palate.   

Nothing that can warm Dad’s heart this Father’s Day like a table full of mouthwatering dim sum to share. 

  • Sum Dim Sum: If you’re looking for dim sum, Sum Dim Sum will fill not just your stomach, but your hearts. With their signature pandan pork buns, silky smooth, charred moonlight hor fun and fluffy golden custard buns, Dad’s sure to be spoilt for choice. 
  • Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck: Crispy skin, tender meat – here lies the peking duck of Dad’s dreams, accompanied with a wide variety of excellent Chinese cuisine such as drunken prawns and succulent oyster clams. 
  • Westlake: Tucked away in Queen’s Road, Westlake has been serving up beloved zi char dishes in Singapore since 1974, and is renown for their fluffy kong bak pau (braised pork with buns). The perfect place to go for a hearty family meal that won’t break the bank. 

We’d love to fit to go on and on, but with Singapore being home to so many cuisines, here are three more international cuisines we’ve picked just to start you off on your culinary adventures for Dad: 

  • Japanese: Craving a taste of Japan? Head over to Ramen-ya, a cosy, hole-in-the-wall, 8-seater eatery tucked away in East Village for an authentic and flavourful bowl of tonkatsu and shio ramen for your Father’s Day lunch.  
  • Indian: Located in Raffles Hotel, Tiffin Room not only serves up authentic North Indian butter chicken, creamy palak paneer (spinch curry with fresh Indian cheese), jingha kebab (grilled jumbo prawns marinated in yogurt), and smoky, slow-cooked dal makhani (a rich, Indian lentil dish), but it does so with tip-top service that is sure to make Dad happy. 
  • Thai: If Dad’s a fan of Thai food, Nummun Thai Kitchen will have him grinning from ear to ear. Tender moo ping skewers, chunky crab meat omelette and pandan chicken… We’re hungry already! 
  • Indonesian: Tambuah Mas, home to authentic Javanese dishes such as tauhu telur (crispy, deep-friend tofu and egg cooked with beansprouts, cucumbers and roasted peanuts), beef rendang, and gado gado (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce). Visit Tambuah Mas with Dad for a heartwarming, traditional Indonesian meal with the family. 

Matching Dad’s Hobbies with Family Fun

Now that you’ve chosen something yummy to eat for your Father’s Day celebration, let’s choose some activities to spend some quality time with Dad. Choose one of Dad’s hobbies below and get inspired with some of these unique bonding ideas.

  • Does Dad love music? Make a DIY music box with Dad this Father’s Day in this workshop that offers 58 different sound choices and a variety of decorative ornaments. 
  • If Dad loves playing instruments or singing to his old favourite tunes, go for a family karaoke, jam out to his YouTube favourites or make a playlist especially for Dad to listen as you enjoy a family dinner at home. 
  • Do a meaningful family activity with Dad – learn the art of Kintsugi or shape your very own pot to take home and display! 
  • Does Dad like racquet sports? Book a court or go outdoors and play a game of badminton or tennis together. Who knows, Dad might just be the winning doubles champion in the family.  
  • Have a splash with this Father’s Day at Wild Wild Wet or visit your neighbourhood swimming centres for some family water fun over the weekend. 
  • Grab some groceries at the local store and cook up a storm with Dad in the kitchen this Father’s Day. Whether it’s local hawker dishes, or international cuisine, the time you spend learning from Dad and watching him expertly navigate his way around the kitchen will surely mean a lot to him. 
  • Try out a new recipe with Dad this Father’s Day. Bake some crunchy or gooey cookies he’s sure to enjoy the week after. 
  • Family movie night: If your dad is looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home whilst watching his favourite films, get some snacks home for him as a gift to surprise him this Father’s Day. 
  • Staycation: Book a staycation at these luxurious hotels for a family getaway this Father’s Day weekend. 

What does Dad really want for Father’s Day?

The question we’ve all been asking. By now, you’ve picked out a sumptuous meal for Dad, and possibly one or two activities you hope he’ll love. But what does Dad really want for Father’s Day 

This Father’s Day, the greatest gift you can give Dad is the gift of your time. 

Many dads, especially our fathers who were raised in Asian cultures, often find it difficult to express their honest thoughts and feelings. Showing affection and support through words may not be something they were familiar with as they grew up too.  

“What do you want for Father’s Day?”, we ask, and they often reply with a simple “no need, don’t get me anything.”. Their seemingly dismissive replies can sometimes throw us off, but behind his clumsy responses is a heart full of care and tenderness that shines through in his own, countless, and unique ways (Think: Dad’s quiet acts of service).  

Hidden not-so-secretly in every one of Dad’s words is a “take care of yourself, no need to worry about me”. 

So this Father’s Day, let’s grasp this opportunity to reconnect with Dad. Share a meal with him, engage in an activity he enjoys, or simply have a heartfelt conversation. Time is precious, and these moments with you are the things Dad will really remember for a long time to come. 

From all of us at Noel Gifts, we wish all dads, the warmest, happiest Father’s Day 

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