A Step Forward into Graduation: Journeying with Your Graduating Friends and Families

“What next?” A question that has passed through every graduate’s mind. Graduation is a time of immense pride, excitement, relief, and a twinge of wistfulness.

As graduation period for university students come, step into the shoes of a graduate and learn how to journey with them as they navigate this new season!

A Flurry of Emotions

We often think of happiness and sadness as opposing emotions, but did you know it’s possible to feel them both at the same time? As graduates approach their big ceremony, it’s natural for them to feel a flurry of emotions.

Relief may be one key emotion they’re feeling. Thinking about all the hard work they put into grasping complex concepts every semester, working hard to collaborate with team members that may not have been the easiest to work with, and burning midnight oil just to finish that project… Graduation is not only a day of relief, but fulfilment.

In the same moment, they may be feeling wistful about leaving behind a treasured period of their life – the freedom of being a university student, late night suppers with all their hall friends, on and on it goes. Taking a step out into the unknown future, they might be feeling a little anxious as well!

“What’s the next step for me? What will my new workplace look like? Will I get along with my colleagues?” These are just a few questions that may be running through their mind.

Journeying with our Graduates

As they walk into this new season, having a few people around them who care will offer them comfort, strength and encouragement. Here are three things we can do to support our graduate friends or family!

#1 Celebrate with them!

As their graduation ceremony approaches, get your cameras out and rejoice with them as they celebrate this new milestone in their lives! The first and best way to do that is by attending their graduation ceremony. As a recent graduate, I remember being both so excited and nervous on that day. I even worried about whether my graduation hat would fall off if I bowed too deeply while collecting my certificate!

Many universities don’t allow more than 2 members to attend a graduate’s ceremony physically, but don’t let that stop you from showing your support by attending their ceremony online, through their university’s live streams.

As the day or week progresses, take them out for a special meal to celebrate, and pick a place to take plenty of graduate photos.

If your love language is gift-giving, make their day even more special by getting them a graduation gift or customising a flower bouquet for them. If price is a high priority for you, you can consider splitting the costs with a group of friends and making use of our flower bouquet customisation services to cater to your budget.

Starting from just $50, simply contact us through any of the following methods and let us know your preferences (e.g. your budget, what type of flowers or colours you prefer for the bouquet). From there, our experienced florists will be able to create a unique hand bouquet just for your loved one. You can even opt for self-collection from us at our headquarters if you stay nearby and don’t require delivery.

As I remember my own graduation ceremony which passed not too long ago, I vividly recall the joy I felt spending time with my loved ones and friends as they saw me receive my graduation certificate, brought me out for our fun photoshoot and yummy lunch at Jewel. Sharing from personal experience, celebrating this special milestone together is sure to form special memories – memories they are sure to remember, appreciate and treasure for a long time to come.

#2 Be a listening ear

Fun fact: The word ‘graduate’ is derived from the word ‘gradus’, which means to take a step! As our friends and family take a step into this new season, they are sure to face new challenges. Navigating and processing these experiences will surely require mental and emotional energy. As they work through making sense of unfamiliar situations, we can support them by being a listening ear and offering a safe, non-judgmental space for them to express their feelings.

Sometimes, our friends and family may need their own personal space and time. As Singaporeans, we often tend to be efficient problem solvers, and our first instinct may be to jump in and fix whatever we feel gets in the way of ours or our loved ones’ growth or happiness. Therefore, it may seem counterintuitive to us to take a step back and give them the personal space they need when they are going through a difficult time.

However, giving them personal space is important for them to blossom in their own unique ways! As they work through these things for themselves, they are developing great mental and emotional skills to handle life’s challenges more independently.

So, in times like these, we can learn to support them through other ways such as doing their favourite activities together whilst fostering a shared understanding that we’re here to listen whenever they need.

#3 Offer practical advice

Lastly, as our graduate friends and family begin to look for jobs, pursue further studies or take some time off to re-evaluate their next step in life, they may require practical advice from time to time.

Whether it be polishing up their resume, practicing for interviews, or deciding what degree to pursue next, we can offer our expertise and advice when they voice out their needs to us. If these are not our fortes, don’t worry – even simply offering or taking a ride with them to their interview location and being present with them will help them feel cared for and assured.

The Excitement of the Next Step

As our graduates move on to this new phase of life, there’s bound to be new challenges to overcome and joys to embrace. As people who love them, it’s natural for us to feel worried about whether we may be doing enough to support them! However, as the saying goes, sometimes being present, is the best present we can give.

As we celebrate their achievements and support them, let’s rest assured as they take a brave step forward into the unknown.

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