Blooming with Gratitude: Honouring our Mums this Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate every mother.

In addition to your biological mums, which other motherly figures in your life will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?

For many of us, 12th May 2024 will be filled with vibrant blooms, big smiles, celebratory lunch and dinners as we celebrate a very special person in our lives – our mums.

But as I gently place a vibrant bouquet of flowers on my mum’s lap, conscious that with her health condition she may barely understand today’s celebration of her person – I am made more aware of mothers who walk a different path.

This year Noel Gifts celebrates all mothers; the mums who work hard daily in the office or create a safe haven at home, the ones who may not be feeling their best, whose gentle perseverance shines brighter even in the face of illness.

Mothers who foster children as their own, single mothers who have weathered financial and emotional challenges, and beloved mothers who have a little one waiting up above in heaven.

This year, let us honour your love that perseveres through adversity.

#1 The Everyday Heroes: Working Mums and Homemakers

Being a mum is like juggling glass balls and making sure none drops.” – Ning Chong, a working mother of three kids.

We’re sure all mums feel this way at times, especially with young children. From young children to not-so-young adults, you’ve woken up early to get everyone ready, prepare their meals, and send them off happily to school.

If you’re a working mum, we can only imagine all the times you press on with determination when you face yet another challenge at work, thinking of the bills that need paying.

If you’re a stay-at-home mum, the job is equally as challenging! Behind every simple lunch box that your children stuff into their bags during their morning rush is an intentional effort from you to rise early and prepare a nutritious meal.

We often take for granted the countless sacrifices you make, big and small. You may not hear it enough but thank you for that extra hour you spent helping with homework, and the unwavering love that is a constant source of strength and assurance for us.

#2 Beyond Biology: Honouring Our Motherly Figures

Motherhood isn’t defined solely by blood. Our lives are enriched by many motherly figures who offer their unwavering support and dedicate their hearts to nurture, even if they aren’t our biological mothers.

Because of you, our hearts are filled with confidence and stability. Relief washes over us when we come home to a home filled with the fragrant aroma of grandma’s butter cookies after a long day. We remember aunts who offer a listening ear, and sisters who step in as confidantes and cheerleaders (though the occasional sibling banter still ensues).

And to teachers and mentors who gave us your time, believed in us and helped us navigate through all those challenging seasons in lives, your dedication and warmth has shaped us for the better.

Mums come in many forms, and this year, we send a heartfelt thank you to all the motherly figures in our lives who have weathered with us through thick and thin. Thank you for filling a vital role in our lives and fostering our growth. Your daily efforts and thoughts bring a sense of relief and thanksgiving whenever life gets hard.

#3 A Celebration for Every Mum

Finally, this Mother’s Day, we would like to thank every mother who has persevered and showered us in love through the roads paved with challenges.

To the single mums who navigate the journey of raising your child with unimaginable perseverance, adoptive mums who choose to love with open arms and a fierce devotion, and mothers who have experienced the unimaginable loss of a child, your strength and love is a beacon of light when we go through life’s valleys.

It is a blessing and a rare find to return home to your comforting presence after a long day. Thank you that as you face these seemingly insurmountable challenges, your love and tender heart shines through and radiates even the darkest of days.

To every mother in Singapore, your love is truly the most precious gift that your children have received, and this Mother’s Day, we celebrate you.

As 12th May draws near and we excitedly bustle around to deliver your Mother’s Day gifts, may this day bring many happy returns. A big shoutout the incredible strength and motherly love that comes in so many beautiful forms. May we grow to be half the person you are.

To every mother, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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