Savouring Traditions: A Simple Mooncake Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

As Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as ‘Mooncake Festival’ approaches on 29th September this 2023, the streets in many Asian cities start to illuminate with colourful lanterns and decorations, where families get together to celebrate under the gentle full moon’s glow.

Something that cannot be missed during this festival – Mooncakes! With this delicious pastry holding a special place in the hearts of many, you may wonder how this all came about. In this article, we will explore everything about Mooncakes. Let’s get started…


Why Mooncakes?

Being a time-honoured tradition dating back to the Tang Dynasty in China, mooncakes have been a key part of Mid-Autumn Festival for centuries. Full of rich symbolism signifying the full moon, with its round shape representing reunion and completeness, mooncakes emphasise on the importance of family and unity. The fillings found in mooncakes represent different blessings – from happiness, health, wealth to longevity, with lotus seed paste and salted egg yolks being among the most popular fillings.

During Mooncake Festival, exchanging mooncake gifts is a common phenomenon; a gesture of goodwill and an expression of respect and love to those around. The act of giving and receiving mooncakes is a beautiful way to bond with family and treasured ones.

With that said, check out this simple Mooncake Recipe you can try yourself…


Ingredients You’ll Need:

·       200g Lotus Seed Paste or Your Preferred Filling

·       4 Salted Egg Yolks

·       150g Golden Syrup

·       50g Vegetable Oil

·       1/2 Teaspoon of Water

·       250g All-Purpose Flour

·       Egg Wash (1 Egg Yolk + 1 Teaspoon of Water)


1) Get the Filling Ready

Cut salted egg yolks into half, brush them with some cooking wine, and steam them for around 5 to 10 minutes until they are slightly crumbly. Roll each portion into a ball thereafter.

2) Prepare the Mooncake Dough

Next, mix golden syrup, vegetable oil, and alkaline water together in a mixing bowl. Slowly add all-purpose flour and mix until a smooth dough forms, then divide them into even portions and roll them into balls.

3) Assemble the Mooncakes

Proceed to flatten the rolled balls into small discs, placing lotus seed paste in the middle. Then, wrap the dough around the filling to ensure it is fully covered.

4) Molding

Dust your mooncake mold with flour, tapping out any access. Place the filled dough into the mold, pressing firmly. Carefully release your molded mooncakes onto a baking tray and brush them with egg wash.

5) Baking

Preheat your oven to 180°C, then bake your mooncakes for 10 minutes. Remove them from the oven and let them cool, followed by brushing another layer of egg wash. Put them in the oven again for another 10-15 minutes till a golden brown is visible.

6) Cooling and it’s Time to Eat!

Let your mooncakes cool completely, and they are all ready to eat or store!


Mooncakes are more than just a delectable dessert, but a symbol of tradition, love, and unity! This year, gather your loved ones to bake or share mooncakes together to add joy and memories under the full moon’s radiant glow.

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Gear up and make Mid-Autumn Festival a special one for the books this year. 


Concert Ticketing Frenzy in Singapore: Missed the Tickets? Here’s 5 ways to still enjoy music from your Favourite Artists!

A fresh wave of energy has surged through the music scene post-pandemic, amidst the buzz of concerts in Singapore this 2023 with well-known artists like Coldplay and Taylor Swift, or rumoured upcoming sensations including Ed Sheeran and Adele, generating immense anticipation. While attending live concerts are undeniably thrilling, they unfortunately may not be accessible to everyone for a multitude of reasons, one of them being the infamous ‘sold out’ phenomenon for Singapore concerts.

However, fret not! We’ve got your back with a delightful list of exciting alternatives to turn a missed opportunity into a core memory, shaking off those ticket blues and keeping the rhythm alive…


#1: Jam to Your Favourite Tunes with a Karaoke Session

Whether at your favourite karaoke spot, at the comfort of home, or in the car with friends, unleash your inner rock star and create unforgettable moments with karaoke night! Gather friends and family and host your very own ‘concert’, picking favourite tracks and belting out all those lyrics over shared laughter and memories. It’s the chance to be the star of your own show while strengthening the bonds you have with each other.


#2: Host a Music-Themed Gathering with Friends and Loved Ones

Transform your space into a musical haven! Invite friends and loved ones over for a music-themed party, complete with fun trivia games, competitive musical challenges, wacky dance battles, or simply engaging in exciting discussions about favourite artists and songs. It is a wonderful way to catch up and deepen relationships over the shared passion and interest of music among all.


#3: Catch Live Streams and Concert Replays Online

The new age of digital technology has got your back, offering front-row seats to global music events! Despite not being able to be present at Singapore concerts, live streams or concert replays beam the concert right to your screen with the best angles, allowing you to soak up the energy, cheers, and electrifying performances from the comfort of your home. With replays, catch up anytime suitable for your schedule, ensuring you are still part of the action any hour of the day!


#4: Visit Local Parties for Some Live Music

While snagging those concert tickets in Singapore might be a dream, you might potentially also enjoy the excitement your local party scene can bring. Check out local bars, cafes and community events for live music performances featuring your favourite tunes! With many local parties showcasing a variety of DJs specialising in different music genres, simply attend a party based on your own preference. You won’t have to break the bank or queue for hours just to get your hands on these tickets for the night out!


#5: Create and Share Custom Playlists to Enjoy with Family and Friends

Make your own special music mixes to add concert-like excitement for daily routines. Curate themed playlist of favourite artists for different moods, occasions or road trip and share them with those you love. With song recommendations and exchanges among family and friends, even if they’re far away, these playlists can be completed puzzles of tunes reminding everyone of the happy moments and feelings no matter where they are.



In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, missing out on concert tickets no longer means missing out on the music. Whether swaying to live streams, jamming out at karaoke sessions, or dancing away at parties, the alternatives are as diverse and exciting. Seize the moment, improvise, and make use of the opportunity to still enjoy yourself despite of circumstances.


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