Spreading Joy in Style: Your Hari Raya Corporate Gift Guide

This year, 10th April will launch all our Muslim friends into a joyous and lively month filled with Hari Raya Puasa celebrations and visitations.

Hari Raya Puasa is a lively occasion for Muslim communities all around Singapore to come together, celebrate forgiveness and strengthen bonds. As a business partner, client, employer, colleague, or friend, spread joy with our Muslim friends this Hari Raya with the delivery our vibrant gift hampers, baskets, and table flower arrangements.

Want to find out more about Hari Raya Puasa? Here’s 7 Things You Should Know About Hari Raya Puasa.

Esteemed Clients and Business Partners

Orange and turquoise Hari Raya gift hampers featuring sparkling drinks, biscuits, prawn crackers, accompanied with household essentials.

Strengthen your business relationships this Hari Raya. Show your Muslim client and business partners your appreciation with our sincere and budget-friendly gift options:

Festive Bundle Hari Raya Hamper (FPHRR2)

This vibrant turquoise and gold Hari Raya hamper is a feast for the eyes (and stomach!). Our Festive Bundle Gift Hamper consists of over 10 sweet and crunchy bites, along with a bottle of Royal Select Sparkling Drink (750ml).

For your Muslim business recipients who love cooking up a storm, the Luminarc 2-piece Storage Set with Lid that accompanies our Festive Bundle hamper would be a handy addition to their kitchen essentials.

Price: $80.00 (bef. GST)

Evergreen Hampers (HHN2)

This bright orange Evergreen Hamper (HHN2) is a gift your corporate recipients will appreciate deeply. Brimming with tasty treats, this vibrant gift hamper is also complete with beautiful glassware such as the 4-piece Soup Plate Set, and 6-piece Ocean Rock Glasses Set- perfect for welcoming guests this Hari Raya!

Price: $100.00 (bef. GST)

Evergreen Hampers (HHN5)

Our Evergreen Hamper (HNN5) goes above and beyond with a delightful selection of delicious treats, and its wide range of household essentials!

For your cherished Muslim business recipients who have just moved into a new office or are looking forward to upgrading their pantry, this gift hamper comes with a 10L Toshiba Toaster Oven, 7-piece Glass Bowl Set, and a Luminarc Dinnerware Set.

Price: $300.00 (bef. GST)

Valued Employees and Teams

Hari Raya gift baskets featuring sparkling drinks, chocolatey bites, butter cookies and more, accompanied with other household gifts such as salad bowls and handheld mixers.

Hari Raya Puasa is a time for joy and celebration for all your Muslim employees. Extend your warm wishes to them and help them share in the festivities with our lively Hari Raya gift baskets.

Chocolate Indulgence Gift Basket (HR2)

Employees who have a sweet tooth and need a pick-me-up mid-week will appreciate our Chocolate Indulgence Gift Basket! Surprise your team with an overflowing basket of decadent chocolatey bites and assortments, such as fruit and nuts milk chocolate, dark chocolate cookies, lava bite double chocolate cookies, and even Eureka’s Popcorn Cocoa Malt!

Price: $80.00 (bef. GST)

Hari Raya Sweet Greetings Hamper (HHT3)

Wish your employees “Selamat Hari Raya” with our Sweet Greetings Gift Hamper. Encourage sharing of cultures and deepen cultural awareness as your employees bond over this diverse range of sweet and savoury assortments:

Dainty Lapis cake with a subtle, balanced sweetness. Crisp, old-school butter cookies. Crunchy prawn crackers, sweet seedless dates, and classic chocolate cookies.

Add to your office pantry essentials with this 5-piece Salad Bowl Set and Airbot 3 in 1 Multifunction Handheld Mixer included within the hamper.

Price: $150.00 (bef. GST)

Cherished Colleagues

Hari Raya gift basket and floral arrangement featuring assorted chocolates, chips, cheese rolls, fresh yellow gerberas and bright artificial flowers.

Finally, surprise your Muslim colleagues with our lovely gift baskets, hampers, or table flower arrangement to brighten up their houses this Hari Raya!

Hari Raya Joyous Gift Basket (CHT1)

Following a hearty feast of beef rendang and ketupat, a selection of perfectly balanced sweet treats from our Hari Raya Joyous Gift Basket might just be the thing your colleagues would like to munch on as they continue their lively Raya conversations.

Featuring a bottle of refreshing citrussy Bickfords Cordial Juice, mouth-watering assorted chocolates, coconut cookies and cleansing Dilmah peppermint tea, this gift hamper is sure to spark joy.

Price: $120.00 (bef. GST)

Hari Raya Festive Treats Hamper (FPHR10)

Dazzling with gold and blue designs, our Festive Treats Gift Hamper is a festive treat your colleague would enjoy. Sweet, assorted chocolates, crispy lekor chips, crunchy cheese rolls and more… These tasty bites can’t wait to be unpacked and shared.

Price: $65.01 (bef. GST)

Festive Blooms Table Flower Arrangement (HR4)

Brighten your colleagues’ homes with this yellow Festive Blooms Table Flower Arrangement, featuring both fresh and artificial flowers which pair perfectly.

Yellow gerberas are the key bloom in this floral basket. Signifying happiness and friendship, this gift basket makes for a perfect well-wish to your colleague this Hari Raya.

Price: $70.00 (bef. GST)

Seamless Corporate Gifting with Noel

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This Hari Raya, we’re delighted to be your partner in creating meaningful gifting experiences. As a warm welcome, don’t forget the following helpful tips to unlock exclusive corporate discounts with us:

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A Warm Hari Raya to Our Dear Muslim Friends

From all of us at Noel Gifts, we wish our Muslim friends, business partners, and colleagues Selamat Hari Raya Puasa.

As you gather to celebrate and forge deeper relationships, may this festive season be filled with laughter, delicious food, and cherished moments with loved ones.

For more Hari Raya gifting options, explore our Hari Raya Collection to pick out a suitable gift for your corporate recipients!


Bond with Your Children this Singapore World Water Day: Noel Gift’s Adventure Playbook for Families

What is one cherished childhood memory you have that includes water?

Carefree days of splashing in happy rain puddles. The excitement of watching translucent, colourful water beads (or as we more affectionately called them: ‘water babies’) breathtakingly expand almost exponentially in a cool cup of water over the days. Even raindrops sliding down the windows were transformed into an exciting, imaginative race to our younger selves.

To many of us as children, water was more than just a resource; it was a big, big world of exciting opportunities to learn more about the environment around us whilst having fun and playing with the stress of academics off our backs.

Even now, as slightly older, mature adults, being near the sea, hearing the comforting sound of rain, and even taking a relaxing stroll by the beach or reservoirs can make us feel at peace. Are we aware of the joyful and tranquil ways we could connect with water, even as adults?

And how can we encourage our children to connect with water, to appreciate and save it as they grow up?

To create precious childhood memories of their own?

To answer this question, we’ve tried out these uniquely local experiences for ourselves, and curated an exciting parent-child date for you and your family in our Singapore World Water Day Adventure Playbook. So, are you ready to make a splash with your family this World Water Day?

#1 Embark on a Play Journey!

Children playing at water parks and water playgrounds in Singapore on World Water Day

We’ve all heard of learning journeys, but what about a play journey? Playing is often seen as an immature activity that interferes with a child’s development, but according to Cambridge University, play is “essential to children’s development” as it encourages exploration.

Help your children learn about the importance of water whilst developing a positive emotional connection with it at water parks or tranquil strolls at reservoirs.

  • Encourage younger children to record and express their pre- and post- feelings on our Water Adventure Guide. Simple drawings, emojis and short sentences will help them get in touch with their feelings and reinforce the value of water after the refreshing trip.
  • Bring: Sunscreen, hats, water bottles, appropriate footwear and swimwear.
  • List of water parks to explore: Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East, Water Playground @ Marina Barrage, Jurong East Swimming Complex, Happy Park @ Waterway Point… Just a few we’d like to recommend.
  • List of reservoirs to visit: Bedok Reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir, Jurong Lake Gardens, the list goes on!

#2 Go on Interactive Learning Journeys.

Heading to a Water facility for a learning journey on World Water Day

A family that learns together, grows together. Learning doesn’t have to be confined to classrooms. Take your child out on an interactive and captivating educational trip to NEWater Visitor Centre this World Water Day!

With fun games that teach about the importance of saving water, a movie-like screening about the Singapore Water Story, and an immersive walkthrough experience to learn about the water filtration system in Singapore, your children will certainly enjoy it and… well, you might just feel like a child again too.

In addition to booking a guided tour at the NEWater Visitor Centre, you could also bring your kids out on a fun day to the largest water catchment area in Singapore — Marina Barrage. Witness people gliding across the water in spectacular water sports such as kayaking and dragon boating, and let your children learn more about how water is collected before being treated for potable use in Singapore.

#3 Try out sensory DIY Water Activities at home.

Trying out water activities on World Water Day

Explore the different uses of water at home together with your children this World Water Day. Engage their senses through the following activities:

  • Touch: Play with water beads.
    Remember playing with these, soft, slippery beads when you were young? Water beads have many uses, such as beautifying floral arrangements while releasing water for the plants to absorb.

    Buy a few packets of coloured water beads with your children and plop them into a glass of water. Watch these translucent beads grow over the next few days and be mesmerised by their different colours glimmering together in the sun.

  • Hearing: Create easy-to-make instruments which use water,  or listen to calming YouTube rain sounds.

    Children often like arts and craft, so use the opportunity this World Water Day to bond with them by creating instruments of their own. You could create a rain stick, which mimics the soothing sound of rain, or pitched bottle flutes by adding water into recycled plastic bottles. The sound of water has a way of helping us feel more relaxed, which will also help you to get some peaceful down time with your children.

  • Taste: Freeze chopped fruits or berries in the freeze to form fruity ice cubes. Your children are in for a sweet surprise as they enjoy a cool drink of water.
  • Sight: Spot any activity which uses water around the house!
  • Scent: Breathe in the fresh smells of rain after a heavy downpour.

All these activities can help both you and your child to be aware of the variety of ways water is present all around us, and enjoy some bonding time together as well.

#4 Record water usage in a Water Journal.

Child and parents keeping a water journal to track their usage of water on World Water Day

Conduct a fun water audit with your children to help them understand their water usage patterns. We’ve provided a simple table format in our Singapore World Water Day Adventure Playbook for your children to track their daily water activities.

Encourage them to record down their daily water activities, such as flushing, showering, and brushing their teeth. This will help children be more aware of their water consumption patterns daily, and which areas they can save water in more.

#5 Create an Action Plan to save water.

World Water Day: saving water by turning the tap off

Finally, create a plan with actionable steps to help your children learn how to reduce water usage based on their audit results. With practical, realistic and achievable steps, taking shorter showers, closing the tap while washing our hands or watering plants with rice water will be easier for children to practise good water-saving habits.

To end off, create a “Water Pledge” card with their commitments! Allow them to write their names in bold colours, write their own commitments and stick to them. You can continue to check in on how they are doing monthly to encourage them.

Over time, you might just find your children encouraging you to save water too.

What is World Water Day?

Water is an integral part of many communities around the world, but it’s easy for us to forget when we live in a country as privileged as Singapore. Turn on the tap, and an immediate stream of water flows out. Some do not live with as much access to these precious resources as we do.

The celebration of World Water Day, spearheaded by the United Nations, reminds billions around the world of the global water crisis we face, the 2.2 billion people who live life without safely managed drinking water services. In Singapore, we do our part to raise awareness on how important water is through educational and visual means, like our national City Turns Blue movement.

To raise awareness amongst our dear customers, we have launched our limited-edition Noel Water Wonder Rose Bouquet that will be available for purchase till 24th March only. And if you’ve been wondering why our usual, classy red website has gone blue, now you know!

As we enjoy our water resources, may we also learn and nurture our next generations to be a people who don’t take water for granted, even if it’s one step at a time.

Learn more about how to save water with our National Water Agency, Public Utilities Board (PUB) this Singapore World Water Day. 

Know someone who loves blue? Don’t miss out celebrating World Water Day with them this year with our blue Noel World Water Day Collection here.