Cherished Connections: Noel’s Valentine’s Day Flower and Gift Guide To Celebrate Your Every Bond

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Valentine’s Day is an occasion with many stories of origin. Just dig a little deeper, and you’ll find stories that tell of love, devotion and sacrifice.

This year, Valentine’s Day will take place on Wednesday, just 4 days after the start of Chinese New Year. With all the bustling festivities over the weekend, some of us may be buzzing with excitement on how to continue the celebration of love, whereas many of us are looking forward to spend some quality time with the people we love over a cosy dinner date.

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate love with the important people in your life.

Without further ado, let’s get inspired on how to celebrate your every bond this Valentine’s Day with Noel Giftologist’s top picks that your loved ones may appreciate. 

Just Got Together

Happy couple posing for a picture on Valentine's Day

If you’ve just gotten into a relationship or are looking to ask someone out this Valentine’s Day, we’re so excited for you! The thrill and anticipation of getting to know each other more on this journey together is something we can all celebrate.

It might feel like a bit of a bummer that Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday this year… While you may not have the whole day to celebrate, we can still make this Valentine’s Day celebration one to remember.

Before you both go off to work, why not surprise one another with a little box of vibrant flowers and sweet snacks? Whether they’re a coffee or a tea person, sending them a personalised Rosy Garden or Coffee Break Valentine’s Day Gift box as an unexpected treat in the morning will surely put a smile on their faces.

Or if they appreciate something softer and cuddlier, date night would be a perfect time to make them laugh with our best-selling Forever Love teddy bear, or unique Mystical Romance unicorn plushie gift, all of which are delightfully paired with a bouquet of classic red, pink or yellow roses.

And if you’re planning to confess to the special one you’ve been spending more time with, we have our Heartfelt Confession Hand Bouquets all ready for you.

Long-Term Relationship

Candid shot of a couple celebrating a relaxing Valentine's Day

For those of you who have journeyed past the honeymoon phases together only to build stronger bonds through heart-to-heart talks and working through your differences together, Valentine’s Day may feel like just another day to celebrate what you’ve already been celebrating – that very special bond the both of you share.

Over time, perhaps you both have discovered (or are still discovering) something new that you love about your partner. Maybe she’s the humorous kind who loves funny and unexpected surprises. Maybe you’ve noticed that he’s the humble and sincere one who’s always happily serving behind-the-scenes.

As you celebrate this Valentine’s Day from the comfort of your own homes or spend a little quality time together with a romantic candlelit dinner date after a long day, an affordable gift that won’t break the bank is a good way to keep this dear special flame burning bright.

If she appreciates a little humour and loves adorable things, brighten her day with our Sweet Love gift. This neon pink ‘Love’ sign and shy little happy bunny plushie is sure to put a smile on her face.

For your partner whose primary love language is gift-giving, our practical Dashing Scent Floral Gift Box that features an earthy and aromatic Hugo Boss scent accompanied by a handwritten card would be great to tell him how much you appreciate having him in your life.

Or if your partner brings the sunshine into your life when you’re feeling down or stressed out about work, check out our bright, newly-released Sunshine Love Flower Bouquet which has been crafted especially with them in mind.


Married, middle-aged couple posing for a photo on Valentine's Day

Through all the sunshine and storms of marriage together, we’d imagine that love is a precious gem — always being refined, treasured and cherished by the both of you.

This Valentine’s Day, try out this fun bonding activity together: Personalise our Memories in Bloom Flower Bouquet on your date night or cosy dinner at home. Spend some time looking through your favourite moments together and share some laughs and heart-to-hearts. Lastly, pick out 24 of your favourite photos and send them to us on Valentine’s Day for a shared gift to one another afterwards!

Giving each other a gift and spending some quality time together is also an endearing and charming way to remind each other of your shared love and commitment.

Tell them how much they mean to you with our youthful Endearing Sweetheart Hand Bouquet, or our more mature Spring Blossoms or Lavish Embrace Valentine’s Day flowers.

Family and Friends

Mother and daughter celebrating their parent-child relationship with Valentine's Day Flowers

This is for all our dear readers who are parents or are looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your close friends! While Valentine’s Day is well-known as a celebration of romantic love, we can also rejoice over other precious relationships in our lives. Parent-child relationships, friendships and more!

For all you fathers out there, be the first one to surprise your daughters this year with a sweet Pink Bliss gift, neatly curated with pink roses and a cute teddy bear.

If you’re celebrating with your friends over this dinner this year, buy each other affordable flower gifts from our wide range of Flower Hand Bouquets and come up with fun activities to reuse the flowers later on.


Single lady happily celebrating Valentine's Day with Valentine's Day flowers

Last but not least, for all our single readers out there, pamper yourself by treating yourself to a nice meal and buying yourself flowers. Get yourself special jewellery and perfume gifts that you like and can use in the long-run. 

While romantic love is a great gift, singleness is a precious time to be celebrated too. May this Valentine’s Day night be a time to slow down, enjoy and care for yourself by getting the rest you need.

Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your family or simply having a relaxing dinner by yourself, let this Valentine’s Day be a reminder for yourself that you are dearly loved and highly treasured.

With that, we hope you’ve found something special to gift to your loved ones for this lovely celebration! For more Valentine’s Day flower bouquet delivery and gifts, visit us at:

From all of us at Noel Gifts, have a happy and sweet Valentine’s Day!


Bursting Happiness: Chinese New Year Hampers That Shine Bright!

In just the blink of an eye, Christmas has come and gone, and while “tis’ the season of giving” is no longer with us, the spirit still lives on with the much-anticipated arrival of the Lunar New Year. It’s time to search for your fancy cheongsam, replace your Christmas wreaths with red paper cuttings and stock up on traditional Chinese New Year snacks. And let us not forget the customary offerings to gift to those you love and respect.

If you’re running low on time or inspiration, you’re in luck! This comprehensive list spotlights stunning Chinese New Year hampers and gifts to surprise every important person in your life—and we mean everybody

Chiefs and Directors

Arguably the trickiest giftee (even more than your parent or significant other), finding the best gift for your boss can leave you scratching your head for days. Choose something too personal and things between you might get awkward, or buy something generic, and it might seem you put little to no thought at all. Well, bypass this conundrum and blow your superiors off their feet with two of our stunning Chinese New Year hampers.

A Chinese New Year hamper with a packaging design of a golden abacus, and is packed with 2 bottles of wine, ginseng, almonds and cake. A Chinese New Year gift hamper packed with scallops, wolfberries, dang shen, shitake mushroom and abalone.

Successfulness Gift Hamper

When it hunting for the perfect thank-you gift for your higher-ups, our Successfulness Gift Hamper is sure to come in a clutch. Featuring a golden abacus design, this bountiful hamper represents all forms of material success: wealth and abundance—and it’s not only in design but its contents as well. Surprise your boss with a Chateau Les Rambauds Bordeaux Superieur and Chateau Galouchey Bordeaux Rouge, Ginseng Root, and Best Bird’s Nest With American Ginseng, White Fungus And Rock Sugar, among other things.

Magnificent Happiness Gift Hamper

Pull up to your corporate with our Magnificent Happiness Gift Hamper and bundles of gung ho to match! This hamper is packed with premium Chinese New Year goodies, including dried scallops, Ming Biao’s wolfberries and dang shen, dried shitake mushroom and abalone. With this hamper, you’re sure to impress your higher-ups leaving them happy until the end of the year.

Employees and Co-Workers

Like your superiors, your employees and co-workers aren’t the easiest bunch to give gifts to. They could be people whose conversations are limited to just water cooler talk or Zoom confidants with whom you share even the more personal things. No matter where they stand in that quasi-professional relationship, there’s no denying that when it comes to gift gifting, it can be quite a toss-up. But don’t fret! We’ve done the legwork and present you with three Chinese New Year gift hampers to show your colleagues that you value them.

A Chinese New Year gift basket packed with oranges, barbecue pork slices and a bottle of Kuih Bangkit. A Chinese New Year gift basket packed with 2 bottles of wine and 8 pieces of mandarin oranges.

Gratitude Gift Basket

What is Chinese New Year without its quintessential, symbolic fruit: mandarin oranges? This auspicious fruit has been considered the traditional symbol of good fortune and luck, which explains the sudden uptick of this golden produce during this time of the year.

Offer your well-wishes and appreciation to those who have helped you or whose company you enjoy with our Gratitude Gift Basket. On top of mandarin oranges, this thank-you gift basket also features Fresh Barbecue Pork Slices from Fragrance and a bottle of Cookie Factory’s melt-in-the-mouth Kuih Bangkit.

Liquid Wealth Gift Basket

Have a colleague who enjoys a good glass of wine? Our Liquid Wealth Gift Basket not only offers mandarin oranges to get them in the festive mood, but it also offers not one, but two bottles of red wines: Chateau Haut Laulion Bordeaux Superieur and Chateau Les Rambauds. Bordeaux Superieur. You’ll be sure to get extra brownie points for such a thoughtful gift.


Business Partners

No matter the industry, every business is not done alone but with a community. As a business leader, you’re constantly making connections, whether that be with clients, industry partners, suppliers and the like. These relationships form the key pillars of your business, and it’s always a good idea to show your gratitude and strengthen your bond through premium corporate gifts.


This Chinese New Year, don’t miss the opportunity to thank your business partners with hampers that will leave a lasting impression. And much like personal relationships, you may have varying degrees of familiarity and even friendship across your network, which would undoubtedly affect your choice of gift. But what if we told you we’ve done the work for you? Our following list of suggestions features hampers according to their price.

A Chinese New Year gift hamper packed with a bottle of brandy, american ginseng, abalone, cookies and chocolates. An artificial floral arrangement for Chinese New Year.

For the VVIPs: Bundle of Fortune Gift Basket

Rightfully named the Bundle of Fortune Gift Basket, this Chinese New Year hamper has all you need to impress even the most important business partner. Along with mandarin oranges and floral arrangements, it comes with one of the “eight treasures” of seafood: abalone. Much like oranges, this mollusc also has cultural significance and is believed to be synonymous with wealth, power and health. Last but not least, this gift basket also carries the John Walker & Sons XR21 Scotch Whisky, a notable premium blend of whiskies that will surely end the night on a luxurious note.

For the VVIPs: Wealthy Fortune Gift Hamper

If you’re looking for something more visually impressive, we have just the thing: the Wealthy Fortune Gift Hamper. Standing magnificently tall and grand, this hamper is jam-packed with quality delicacies and treats, including the must-have abalone, Wang San Yang Assorted Chinese Tea as well as the Best Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar. It also comes with a bottle of Grand Etat XO French Brandy Extra, the perfect type of booze for a sip of indulgence.

For The Regulars: Elegance Floral Gift

Let’s say the previous options weren’t something that quite fits your fancy and you need something a bit more conservative. Don’t worry, we have that too! Our Elegance Floral Gift features an elaborate bright, artificial floral arrangement and a gold floral metal stand. This gift is perfect for business relationships you want to maintain but don’t wish to burden by giving an extravagant gift.

For The Regulars: Golden Bundle Gift Basket (28 pcs)

Better yet, express your well-wishes by sending your business partners tokens of song gam (Cantonese for giving gold). Our Golden Bundle Gift Basket carries 28 pieces of juicy mandarin oranges, a great gift to usher in prosperity and fortune this Lunar New Year.



Similar to business partnerships, your client relationship is the cornerstone of your business’s success. This is especially so in today’s hyper-competitive and consumer-driven marketplace. Invest in enduring connections with your consumers by showing that you appreciate and value them, and what better way than to send them a hamper this Chinese New Year?

A Chinese New Year hamper packed with a bottle of wine, abalone, dates, tea and fish maw. A Chinese New Year gift hamper packed with a bottle of wine, ginseng, clams, abalone

Golden Luck Gift Hamper

Usher in the Chinese New Year with a beautifully designed gift hamper that’s decked in all the auspicious colours. Our Golden Luck Gift Hamper features a bottle of Chateau Haut Laulion Bordeaux Superieur Rouge, Best’s Essence of Chicken with Abalone, Chun Yan Canada Ginseng Tea, Honey Dates and more! These delightful delicacies are sure to keep you on your clients’ minds.


Blooming Luck Gift Hamper

There’s nothing like jumpstarting the Chinese New Year with a massive dose of blessings, and this Blooming Luck Gift Hamper makes for a bounty of good wishes for your clients. This hamper consists of Best Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, Rock Sugar and White Fungus, Fortune’s Razor Clams, Flying Wheel’s Braised Abalone, and Chateau Malausanne Bordeaux Rouge, among many others—all that you’ll need to make your clients feel appreciated for patronising your business.

The best part? You can purchase any 3 of our Blooming Gift Hampers for the price of 2! It’s limited to 3 sets per customer, so better to grab the chance while it’s still here!

Loved Ones

A Chinese New Year celebration is not without large gatherings, with adults catching up over scrumptious dinners while children run around in their little qipaos and changshan. These visits often involve offering lucky blessings and gifts as a sign of respect during the first days of the new year.

If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect gift to spoil your loved ones, check out our hamper suggestions below!

A Chinese New Year gift hamper packed with a bottle of wine, abalone and bird’s nest. A firecracker-design Chinese New Year hamper packed with 2 bottles of wine, abalone, collagen strips and broth, and fish maw.

Prosperous Fortune Gift Hamper

Brimming with premium delicacies, our Prosperous Fortune Gift Hamper is a gift that will jumpstart the merriment as soon as you walk through the door with it in hand. It features nourishing goodies like Lee Yu Bird’s Nest, quality red dates, and fried fish maw, as well as more decadent delights, including the Meukow Vsop cognac and Royal Imperial Ginseng Wine.


Jubilation Gift Hamper

Bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces with our Jubilation Gift Hamper. It features New Moon’s Abalone and their Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar. A bottle of Chateau Alexandre Bordeaux AOC Rouge was also thrown in so you can have a jubilant time at your reunion dinner!

Bountiful Harvest Gift Hamper

Besides creating a spectacle of bright lights blooming in the night sky, fireworks and firecrackers are believed to scare away evil spirits. As such, what better way to invite good tidings to your loved ones than to give them a giant firecracker filled with delicious goodies? 

Aside from a superb Chateau Grand Plantey Bordeaux Rouge bottle, our Bountiful Harvest Gift Hamper boasts the classic Royal Imperial Ginseng Wine, Skylight New Zealand Abalone, Collagen Broth and many more. Offer your family and friends this hamper of indulgence and, who knows, maybe a little bit of good luck might just rub on you.

Have a Roaring Good Time

Welcome the Lunar New Year with these exquisite presents and share the abundance with those who matter. At Noel Gifts, we’re on a mission to bring people closer, one gift at a time. With a wide spectrum of gifts, from flower bouquets to premium corporate hampers, we have one catered for every occasion and budget. We also offer personalisation and customisation services for those looking for something with a more personal touch.

Lastly, give yourself peace of mind and let us do the work for you! Opt for our delivery services and we’ll deliver your hampers just in time for Chinese New Year. Want to ship them off to your partners, clients or even loved ones living abroad? Our delivery services are available across Singapore and internationally as well! However please note that we will need a minimum of 3 working days for all deliveries during the Chinese New Year holiday.


Here at Noel Gifts, we’d like to wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai!