A Guide to Sustainability, Hamper Edition: 5 Simple Steps to a Greener Future

Gift hampers are a brilliant way to show loved ones how much you care – both giving and receiving, for a variety of occasions including baby hampers, birthday hampers or even get well soon hampers. With year-end festivities just over especially, we are sure you might have received plenty of lovely gifts! However, after gift hamper contents have been used, what can we do with its packaging? Instead of simply throwing them away, consider reusing them in creative ways.

Hop on board with Noel Gifts as we take you on an exciting journey on how different materials can be reused, recycled, or upcycled. Give second life to packaging by turning trash to treasure – converting leftovers which would otherwise be discarded into something new, unique, and functional.

Read on and let our step-by-step guide spark some ideas on how you can get started on the road to sustainability!

#1: Baskets – Convert them into storage and decorative elements for spiced-up living spaces

Being one of the most versatile hamper elements, gourmet or fruit baskets can be reused sustainably in an array of functions. Firstly, baskets are great storage solutions; perfect for organising and displaying items from fruits, vegetables, and snacks to towels or blankets. Secondly, use them to decorate or spice up living spaces. Baskets can double up as mini planters, add a special touch to your coffee or dining table, or make your weekend picnic date extra aesthetic!

#2: Boxes – Reuse and incorporate them in organising and storage

Just like baskets, boxes are highly functional to fulfil your organisation and storage needs when reused creatively. With hamper boxes coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, smaller boxes can be used as stationery holders in office or beside jewellery storages, while larger ones can function as wardrobe organisers or kitchen storage solutions. Get one step further and think out-of-the-box by painting, wrapping, or decorating them and voilà! – you have an upcycled item right there.

#3: Ribbons – Complement existing items or add a pop of colour to your outfit

The most essential and eye-pleasing part of gift hampers – ribbons! Give these lovely elements second life by tying them around vases, lamps, or furniture to revamp your home for special occasions. Ribbons can also be reused for gift wrapping or decorating cards and invitations. Fancy a dainty look? Add a pop of colour with ribbons as clothing or hair accessories to elevate any outfit.

#4: Gift Wrappers – Channel your inner Picasso by upcycling creatively

Nothing beats unravelling a delightful surprise. By carefully unwrapping and preserving packaging, gift wrappers coming in all sorts of colours, patterns and designs can be reused or upcycled innovatively. From re-wrapping small gifts for loved ones, to creating homemade origami, envelopes, scrapbooking or lining shelves and drawers, the ideas are limitless. This is especially so for kraft wrappers which are mostly biodegradable and recyclable.

#5: Shredded or Crepe Paper – Don’t bin them, put them to functional use

Packaging fillers like shredded, crepe or tissue paper are staples for hamper gift delivery, but we are certain they are often discarded since they seemingly serve no useful function upon unpacking. Here’s how you can put them to good use instead! Keep them aside as insulation when packing delicate items for shipping or storage. These fillers can even be used as bases for floral arrangements, or even DIY crepe paper flower bouquets which your eco-friendly buddy will definitely appreciate.

With many ways to be creative and resourceful, give fresh life to unexpected materials by reducing waste and repurposing them into something beautiful and unique, honing your artsy hands-on skills at the same time. Be proud that you are taking first steps to a sustainable lifestyle and contributing to mother nature! For any gifts you may receive – from birthday hampers to fruit baskets, give it a try and put your newfound knowledge into action, it’s easy.