Savouring Traditions: A Simple Mooncake Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

As Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as ‘Mooncake Festival’ approaches on 29th September this 2023, the streets in many Asian cities start to illuminate with colourful lanterns and

Concert Ticketing Frenzy in Singapore: Missed the Tickets? Here’s 5 ways to still enjoy music from your Favourite Artists!

A fresh wave of energy has surged through the music scene post-pandemic, amidst the buzz of concerts in Singapore this 2023 with well-known artists like Coldplay and Taylor Swift,

Going Green with Gifting: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

Welcome to the world of sustainability and eco-friendly gift giving! From practical essentials to homely and heartfelt keepsakes, Noel Gifts has curated a range of gifts that not