HR’s Secret Sauce: The Gift of Employee Appreciation

Think about the last time you poured your heart into a project, burnt the midnight oil, invested hours into brainstorming, research and preparation, before finally nailing the presentation with brilliant execution.

The rush of accomplishment when we achieve something at work is undeniably gratifying, but hearing first-hand that your efforts matter to your boss and colleagues can amplify your fulfilment to a whole new level.

That’s the power of employee appreciation. In today’s uncertain and competitive job market, showing genuine appreciation to our employees can work wonders and go a long way for our businesses.

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

While recognition can come in many ways such as words of affirmation and dedicated check-in sessions, tangible gifts offer a personal touch to solidify your appreciation for your employees.

As Noel Gifts celebrates our 50th year of Bringing People Closer through providing heartfelt gifting experiences for our customers, let us share some tangible and regular ways we show appreciate our employees.

Gifts for Recruitment and Onboarding

After many rounds of interviews and back-and-forth correspondence on official documents, our newest employee finally steps through the front door. While keeping a confident and professional posture, it’s undeniable that she’s feeling a little nervous being in a completely unfamiliar environment.

When we introduce her to her desk however, a big, sheepish smile breaks out on her face.

Are these for me?

Sitting on her desk is a vase of fresh, vibrant yellow and orange sunflowers and gerberas that will cheerily greet her for the coming 2 weeks.

Simple table floral arrangements and gifts are a beautiful and cost-effective way to make our new employees feel warmly welcomed in our office spaces. Studies have shown that incorporating fresh florals in the workplace has a positive effect on our employees’ mood and boosts generation of flexible and creative ideas by 15%.

A practical gift such as stationery or reusable, eco-friendly lunch utensils is also an easy way to show them you care for their overall well-being.

Whether it’s fresh, aromatic floral arrangements or practical items they’ll be using for a while, all thoughtful welcome gifts have one heartfelt message: “We’re glad you’re here!”.

Gifts During Their Course of Work

Weddings, newborn gifts, get well soon hampers and birthdays cake deliveries are some common ways we celebrate our employees’ special occasions and care for their holistic well-being.

Apart from these special celebrations, many of us often overlook other equally important milestones. Think: long-service awards, staff appreciation (and not just on Employee Appreciation Day!), successful execution of team projects and individual contributions.

Imagine the reinforced sense of accomplishment our employees would feel if we surprised them with a simple congratulatory floral gift box, or a small gift hamper delivery filled with their favourite goodies and treats to share as they begin on their next big project together?

Get excited for your employees and celebrate their achievements! After all, the truth is “teamwork is at the heart of great achievement.” – John Maxwell.

Gifts for Retirement

After years of hard work, it’s your employees’ final day at this office! As they step into the office for the last time in their working career, imagine the nostalgia pulsing upon their hearts. Before the day ends, surprise them with a grand, humble gift to commemorate their years of dedication.

Whether it’s a gift hamper with fine, mature red wine, champagne, or non-alcoholic options filled with juicy, vibrant fruits and delicious snacks to share, it’s sure to be packed full of meaning as you show your appreciation to your long-time employee who will be continuing on to their next adventure and season of life.

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Fostering a Culture of Appreciation

We all crave the fulfilment of being acknowledged and valued for the contributions we make at work. While building a culture of appreciation at our workplaces won’t happen overnight, consciously incorporating small acts of gratitude into our daily routines will create a ripple effect over time.

Let’s remember that appreciation isn’t a goal, but a learning journey we can all receive joy from. As we press on in our business of Bringing People Closer through curating heartfelt gift experiences, we hope to have the pleasure of partnering up with you to create an uplifting environment — a workplace where every one of your employees feel recognised, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

May we all create vibrant office cultures where joy thrives alongside success.

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